Acceptable Use Policy

This message has been written by the founder of LegUp Community.

We trust that you will sign up to the LegUp Community platform with the intention to contribute your perspectives, insights, and ideas to drive positive changes in society regarding diversity and inclusion. 

In joining LegUp, you are agreeing to be respectful to all communities and you are agreeing not to use any racist, homophobic or other discriminatory ‘slurs’ or offensive language. 

If we believe you are actively trying to disrupt the positive purpose of the platform by being offensive then we reserve the right to terminate your account to protect our other users.

We are trusting that your identity fits within the communities you select to represent on the platform. We really aim for this platform to be a place of hope and activism for underrepresented communities, we want to raise the voices of people within the communities that we’re representing, and to do this we need our users to be genuine and to maintain good intentions. 

If we have evidence that a user has lied about being a part of a certain community and is therefore providing false information and is providing false insights onto the platform, we reserve the right to terminate the account. 

As our platform grows and becomes more sophisticated, we will work hard to ensure that the platform remains effective and to protect our users.

We will not tolerate hateful language, discrimination, bullying, or other behaviours that go against our values as a socially focused business. 

Thank you.


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